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501 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60610

(630) 803-7157

Welcome to Gratitude Yoga! Gratitude Yoga offers yoga and yoga-fusion based classes. Gratitude’s classes support the entire client spectrum from first time students to experienced yogis. All are welcome! Bring your mat and meet new people in the Chicago community by taking yoga classes at the All About Dance studio located between Old Town and Lincoln Park! 

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I am so grateful for meeting Lisa and finding Gratitude Yoga! Lisa is a wonderful person and teacher. Her positive energy radiates through every class. I always walk away feeling centered, strong and ready to take on this crazy world. Gratitude's classes are welcoming to any level of yogi, it's not about who has the best backbend or how many vinyasas you can do. Gratitude's message speaks to me every time and reminds me what practicing yoga is about. It's the time to look within to find and seek kindness, love, forgiveness, patience and most importantly playfulness. If you are looking to try yoga for the first time or strengthen your practice definitely go to Gratitude.               -Lauren

This week I had the privilege of taking Lisa's yoga class for the first time. Lisa is a great representation of "quality over quantity" when it comes to her yoga practice. I could tell right away that Lisa's knowledge and expertise in her practice would leave me feeling centered. As a professional dancer it is important for me to find a teacher who pays attention to detail and what the body needs as opposed to a class with 600 sun salutations. Not only did I get a good work out but I stretched muscles I never have before. I cannot wait to take another class!         -Jacob

There’s something so special about being able to take a short break from emails and meetings, and go into a downward dog! Since we don’t even have to leave the office for our Corporate Yoga sessions, it’s so much easier to participate each week. Our weekly yoga has had a very positive effect on my stress level – even when I’m in the midst of a huge project, it helps ground me and give me a reason to pause, breathe and center. Lisa sets the perfect tone with her practice, great tunes and positive attitude. I come back from our yoga sessions more flexible, refreshed and ready to jump back into my work. 


I love everything about Gratitude Yoga and Lisa's practice. Never have I had a bad experience here and I've taken almost all of the different classes. Undoubtably, yoga sculpt is my favorite. It is a class that combines the mindfulness of yoga with weights and cardio and is amazing. Whether this class is taught by Lisa or Krissy, I come out feeling stronger both mentally and physically every time. The atmosphere they provide along with the amazing workout is everything you could ever want. Thanks Gratitude Yoga!!!    -Alex

I am a ClassPass member and Yoga Sculpt, at Gratitude Yoga, is one of my favorite workouts. All of the teachers are friendly, enthusiastic and passionate instructors. The music is always on point, too. I continually leave the studio feeling relaxed and like I got a great workout in. Highly recommend!            -Alyssa

Lisa is such a ray of sunshine and her class is wonderful! She not only gives great cueing so you don't have to look up every few minutes but she has a great ease about her that makes even a beginner feel welcomed! I just couldn't get over how warm the environment of her class was ( & killer playlist- not too zen but relaxing hits)! I think it's pretty evident she loves what she does and it shows! She even stayed late to help out with anyone's form! Highly recommend!               -Jordan

I absolutely love starting my Friday mornings with Gratitude Yoga. I have tried to become a regular, but my work schedule often includes weekend travel so I'm always bummed when I have to miss a class. 7am Yoga Sculpt on Fridays is the absolute best. Both Lisa and Kristen are amazing instructors, and I leave feeling very accomplished and stronger. They are totally sweethearts and are extremely welcoming. Above all, their playlists are always awesome! Lisa and Kristen incorporate some older hip-hop and R&B tunes sometimes, it is so much fun!     -Jackie

Lisa is one of the most engaging and personable yoga teachers I've worked with. Her genuine care for everyone in the class shines through. I have attended many Gratitude Yoga events and all are interesting, fun and thoughtful. This is not your regular routine yoga class / studio and I mean that in the best way!          -Nick

I recently moved away from Chicago, and Lisa and her teachings were one of my hardest goodbyes. I took Lisa’s classes at Chicago Athletic Clubs for 4 years before following her to Gratitude Yoga. Lisa’s love and dedication to her students is palpable. She incorporates wellness, thoughtfulness and kindness seamlessly into the asana practice, and I would leave her class feeling grounded, beautiful and light. Lisa’s classes are the perfect blend of challenge and indulgence. She pushes you to your edge, then rewards you with juicy, juicy self-love. No matter how I felt entering the studio, I always left feeling better about myself and the world around me. Lisa truly embodies gratitude, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to deepen my yoga practice under her guidance.   -Heather

I have been practicing with Lisa for just under a year (when my schedule allows). I wish I could attend her classes more often. Always with a dazzling smile on her face, Lisa has this ability to personalize everyone's yoga practice. Even without asking, Lisa seems to know what is hurting and need of a good stretch. She is also very intuitive and professional when helping to correct or adjust my poses. I love the passion Lisa exudes in the studio. It is never a stuffy, serious yoga class; rather a celebration of self and yoga. I leave Lisa's class feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit! Lisa is an outstanding yoga teacher who you can't help but smile around.         -Jennifer

This is a hidden gem of Chicago and is a great place for all levels and ages. I recently took my first Candlelight Yoga class here on a Sunday evening and immediately felt accepted into the calming space and energy of the class. Lisa is a gifted and attentive instructor who makes you leave class a more open, refreshed and relaxed person. I highly recommend her Sunday Candlelight class at Gratitude Yoga from 6pm- 7pm to anyone looking to cleanse their body and mind before the start of a new week.               -Marchetta

Gratitude Yoga is a breath of fresh air!  I’ve practiced at a lot of studios where the instructors seem afraid of their students and appear unapproachable.  However, Lisa greets her students at the door with enthusiasm and fills the studio with her contagious joy.  She makes a personal connection with her students, and creates a safe, non-competitive atmosphere.  She also has seriously good playlists and very smart sequencing.  After my first class, I knew I had to come back!         -Joanna

I was so happy I decided to go to a class at Gratitude Yoga. I am a yoga teacher myself and a little more critical of classes I take. I am so glad I took a class at Gratitude yoga! I went to the Sunday evening Candlelight Yoga class taught by Lisa. First off, I walked into the space and it was absolutely stunning with candles surrounding the edge of the room and peaceful music playing. The class was incredible...such a great way to finish my weekend. Lisa's voice is soothing and also energizing when needed. Her flow was excellent and she listened to people's requests at the beginning of class and incorporated that into the entire class. Class finished with an amazing savasana and I left feeling relaxed and renewed! I only wish the class was a little longer. Lisa is fabulous and Gratitude Yoga is tremendous. I will definitely be back.       -Katie

I have been taking several yoga classes (Yoga Jam / Candlelight Yoga) with Lisa at Gratitude Yoga for almost 5 months.  Her classes are well paced, challenging, and she does a great job of making beginners feel totally at home.  As a guy taking yoga at Gratitude, I never felt out of place, only encouraged and welcomed.  Every week there's an awesome new mix of eclectic music that accompanies the classes and really adds to the ambience.  She really connects with all of her students and I couldn't be happier to take yoga at Gratitude Yoga!           -Aaron

I decided to take Candlelight Yoga with Lisa at Gratitude Yoga one day when I was physically and emotionally drained. I couldn't have made a better decision. The class allowed me to empty my mind and work on my strength and flexibility without fear of being judged. While many places I have practiced at in the past take a more hands off approach, Lisa assisted some of my stretches by gently adjusting me, something my inflexible body really appreciated. I left class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and woke of the next day sore in the best way possible. I will definitely be taking the candlelight yoga class again and look forward to trying out the other classes Gratitude Yoga has to offer!         - Lola

Gratitude Yoga is by far my favorite yoga studio in the city.  To begin with, Lisa (owner/instructor) is genuinely welcoming, plays great music, and has an intentional and thoughtful pacing of the class.  In addition, the variety of classes offered meet the diverse desires of her participants; I've taken 3 very different kinds of yoga at Gratitude.  The Candlelight Yoga class on Sundays is calm and restorative, while, on the opposite end of the spectrum, Yoga Sculpt on Tuesday nights is a total body, sweat drippin' workout.  Finally, located just blocks from the Sedgewick stop and right next to a North Ave. bus stop, AND with it's own parking lot, I have no excuse when it comes to getting myself to class.           -Holly

Gratitude Yoga is an excellent studio for both newcomers and experienced yogis. Lisa keeps it fun and light but also knows how to challenge members of all skill levels. Support a small, locally owned-business and check out this studio!      -Ryan

If you're a busy lady like me - working full time, two kids under two, wife, friend, sister, daughter you know it's hard to find time for yourself. But you must! Lisa is a true gem and guide through your yoga journey. I did the kids & family yoga class too, it's great to have the kiddos with you, too. Mine are five months and almost two - she doesn't mind the age of them as long as they're up to it! Please treat yourself to this special experience - you won't be disappointed.       -Jackie

Lisa's energy is simply infectious. I have tried yoga in different settings in the past suffice it to say this was so different and so much better. Regardless of you are a seasoned yogi or just a beginner like myself Lisa makes you feel warm comfortable and helps you advance at your own skill level and pace.  Looking forward to more Candlelight Yoga. Filled with such gratitude for Gratitude Yoga!    -John

Lisa is an amazing teacher and just a great spirit to be around. She always has such a positive attitude and it’s such a joy to be able to participate in her classes. I always feel relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized after class. Our jobs are very stressful and it’s so nice to be able to partake in such a healthy and relaxing activity to wind down. Highly recommend Gratitude Yoga to anyone interested in yoga, beginners or experienced.      -Nadia

Owner and creative mastermind behind Gratitude Yoga, Lisa Scurlock, is an amazing and inspiring teacher who brings together traditional yoga practice and modern flair. Her classes vary from introductory for the newbie and challenging for those further along in their practice. Her music selections are amazing and her instruction spot on.      -Jennifer

From the moment I stepped into one of Lisa's classes I knew I would be become a loyal follower! Lisa is one of the most kind and loving people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her energy is absolutely radiant  and it shows in the way she leads each class. Her classes always leave me feeling relaxed, challenged, and BEAUTIFUL! Being new(er) in my practice, I really enjoy the way that everyone is made to feel welcome at Gratitude Yoga. Lisa does a wonderful job at talking you through each pose and helping you make adjustments to enhance your practice. And as others have mentioned, she has the greatest playlists! So whether you are an experienced yogi or looking to start on your own yoga journey, Gratitude Yoga is definitely a studio you want to be a part of!            -Madison

Lisa is an incredible instructor.  I love her philosophy with Gratitude Yoga Chicago! She teaches with patience, kindness, and support of each and every student in the room. She encourages everyone to find their strengths through class, giving various options with the asanas. Her style is easily approachable for anyone- beginner to advanced! Her guidance and flows have always allowed me to release the tension and stress of day-to-day life, so I always leave feeling better than when I came in!        -Laura

Lisa, from Gratitude Yoga, did a GREAT job of doing my 4 year olds birthday party. Total of 9 kids from 3-9. She was enthusiastic and the kids had a GREAT time!         -Emily

Lisa's classes embody what yoga should be. She provides a challenging, yet smart and safe physical practice with intelligent sequencing (which now a days is unfortunately hard to find in a lot of yoga classes), as well as a deeper connection, awareness, and appreciation for the mind and spirit. Her radiant energy and compassion are infectious and her bubbly personality provides a fun, nonjudgemental experience to every class. She is one of the kindest souls I know and every class I've taken from Lisa has left me feeling stronger, more grounded, and with a heightened level of gratitude (which is why the name is so fitting!). I can't say enough good things about her and I'm so thrilled that Gratitude Yoga finally has an official home in Chicago!       -Jenny

I cannot recommend these classes enough!!! I took Lisa's class for the first time a couple weeks ago, and cannot wait to go back. It was such a fun mix of yoga with a little bit of cardio to get your heart pumping. I never found myself looking at the clock, and the best part was that I was sore all over for the next few days! I will definitely be going back to Gratitude Yoga for more.    -Carly

I wake up at 5:30 a.m. to go to one of Lisa's yoga classes only because it's Lisa's yoga class. Lisa always injects a little fun into her classes, and I always leave feeling energized--despite the early hour.  She'll challenge you to stretch your boundaries and your body but in a completely nonjudgmental atmosphere.  You'll crack a smile at least one time during class! Plus, she always has great playlists :) I'll be a loyal Lisa follower for years to come, and I'm so proud to practice in the space she's created at Gratitude Yoga!   -Jen

Yoga with Lisa is amazing!  She provides thoughtful meaningful remarks, gives constructive criticism to help you develop in your practice, and uses a little humor to make for an overall enjoyable class. I love taking class at Gratitude Yoga and recommend it to everyone!    -Marni

Yoga Instructor and business owner, Lisa has great energy.  The atmosphere in the studio is very inviting. She teaches with patience and a respect for your own skills.  She helps everyone find their level of strength. She is very approachable and makes everyone, beginner or advanced student feel at ease.  Can't wait to go back to Gratitude Yoga!       -Ellyn

You feel welcome the minute you walk through the doors at Gratitude Yoga. Lisa creates a fun and positive class environment with her sunny personality. No matter what level you are at she will help you through each pose and make sure you are in it correctly. With her encouragement you will be able to do just a little more than you think you could.      -Beth

If you are looking for a serious workout, look no further than Gratitude Yoga's Yoga Sculpt class on Tuesdays from 7:15-8:15pm. I have been dancing for 19 years and practicing yoga for 5, and this class totally kicked my butt. Yoga Sculpt left me sore for a full week! Lisa Scurlock will push you to your limit with this class that mixes yoga with cardio and strength training. Try it out yourself this Tuesday and get ready to #sweat #challengeyourself #gratitude       -Aliza

I spent years being intimidated and frustrated by the practice of yoga: I was inflexible, was used to high impact exercise, feared judgement from more advanced practitioners, and didn’t have faith in the handful of instructors I’d experience, each of whom had only reinforced my negative conceptions of yoga classes. After moving to Chicago, I began to challenge my previous expectations by trying some of the local yoga studios. My experiences got more positive, but it wasn’t until I found Gratitude Yoga that I truly began to open my life to the power of yoga. Lisa (and her students) have been some of the most understanding and encouraging people I have met in the fitness world, and classes with Lisa have introduced me to a side of myself I never knew before. Lisa’s classes have challenged me, and they have changed me. Yoga is a part of my daily life now, and I have made progress physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Lisa and Gratitude Yoga for the incredible positive impact they have had on my life! THANK YOU!       -Amanda

Lisa is the BEST! Being in her presence is energizing. You can't help but have fun in her classes. Gratitude Yoga's Yoga Jam class is great. Her Sunday evening Candlelight Yoga is my favorite. It's vigorous while calming at the same time. The studio is so serene with candles lit around the entire perimeter of the studio. Oh and her playlists are excellent!  I recommend Gratitude Yoga to all yogis!    -Janessa

Lisa teaches my Tuesday morning Vinyasa Yoga class, and every Tuesday is better for having her energetic physical instruction and her positive emotional support.     -Beth

Had a lovely experience at Candlelight Yoga a few weeks ago! Can't wait to try more classes at Gratitude Yoga! Lisa creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. You will enjoy her classes whether this is your first time or five hundredth time practicing yoga. Hoping to go back for kids & family yoga and Yoga Sculpt!    -Danielle

I have been taking Lisa's yoga classes for over a year and she is my absolute favorite! Lisa's warmth and positive energy put me in the right frame of mind and truly help me expand my practice. Her style of teaching is vigorous, but accessible for all levels. The poses are held just the right amount of time. Her cues are timed perfectly. Her music is awesome. She gives excellent adjustments (if you're into to that sort of thing...I AM!). I'm so happy Gratitude Yoga is here in Chicago! The morning classes allow me the flexibility to come when I can, no matter the crazy changes in my schedule. I highly recommend you try a class!      -Megan