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music mayhem

Lisa Scurlock

Today on the blog we are talking about music. If there is one thing I cannot live without it is music. I am so grateful for my gift to hear. As a dancer and yogi, my body is my tool and out of all of my body parts I think I use my ears the most. What sense do you use most? 

I have always been musical, and music has always been a part of my life. Growing up with two sisters who, like me, danced and played the piano, there was a lot of sounds going on in our home. Whenever our family was in the car we were listening to the oldies station or our latest favorite cassette tape. My parents cultured me and my sisters by taking us to the theatre! From Chicago, The Lion King, Miss Saigon, to Music Man, West Side Story, and Newsies, the Scurlocks have seen quite a few broadway musicals. Along with piano I have taken voice and guitar lessons. I might have a obsession with purchasing concert tickets. Watch out, I am really good at "name that tune".  


Music is yoga. I listen to music during my personal yoga practice, when I teach yoga, and of course off the mat. Music is movement's impeccable partner. When married these two forces help me feel fully alive. Songs with lyrics or instrumental guide me through my spiritual journey and help me sink into a meditative state.

When I began gratitude YOGA four years ago I created the class, YOGA JAM. A yoga class with themed musical playlists...which leads me to our next topic, playlists.

Remember when we used to create mixed tapes? Or record from the radio? Those skills from back in the day taught me how to make some killer playlists. 

One of my favorite things to do is hit up a local Chicago cafe, put on my earbuds, open Spotify and jam out to music. I spend hours making playlists for my yoga classes, however it is time well spent because I get to enjoy the music off the mat. My fiancé and I listen to music more than we watch the television. Our vinyl collection continues to grow, we dance around the kitchen while we cook and our car rides wouldn't be complete without some tunes. Did you know we are creating the playlists for our wedding?!


Enjoy some of my latest favorite always it's a random mix.








What would the soundtrack to your life sound like? Comment below and share!