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right - brain

Lisa Scurlock

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This week on the blog we are chatting about cReAtIvItY and how to CREATE the life you want to the mat.

I have always been a right - brain dominant creative creature. Growing up, my sisters and I were constantly playing 'make believe' and using our imagination. We didn't have cable TV or video games to distract us...we had each other. Kristen, Lisa and Michelle were always involved in the arts. We dabbled in art classes, we sang in choir, we played the piano and of course we danced. 

In school I was always that student who would spend hours working on a project. I am a visual learner so I loved creating vision boards. Give me a project over taking a test or writing a paper any day. 

When researching and visiting colleges I didn't know where I wanted to go, however I knew I wanted to study dance. Several people change their major throughout their college years. I stuck to my intuition and graduated with a dance degree and communications minor. 

Then one day I decided to create my own business, Gratitude Yoga Chicago. Unsure where this new adventure would take me, I trusted my gut and went for it. Today I can honestly say owning a business / being a business owner has been the coolest thing I have done in my life. 

Balance, in life, is something I am constantly working on. I think it's important to try to find a balance between your right and left brain. Sometimes our left brain can hold us back. Logic and reasoning take over and cloud our right - brain creative powers. Everything in life begins with an idea. If you have an idea, explore it! Create the life you want to live. 

Here are some ways I get the creative juices flowing...

Read - books, magazines, blogs, personal journals, newspapers.

Sketch - sometimes instead of writing in my journal, I sketch (aka doodle).

Call a friend you haven't talked to in a while - this might spark some new ideas. 

Visit a park - be outside, surround yourself with creative energy (children, dogs, nature).

Find a hobby - adding side projects in your life can actually inspire creativity for the main project you are working on. I love interior design and enjoy rearranging my home every so often, or adding a new pillow accent into the space.  

Cook - believe it or not, the food we eat affects our brain. Choose a new healthy recipe from your favorite cookbook

Exercise - ride your bike, go for a walk, sign up for an intramural sport, take a yoga class.

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Most importantly believe in yourself. The minute you start believing in yourself is when you begin creating the life you want to live.