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501 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60610

(630) 803-7157

Welcome to Gratitude Yoga! Gratitude Yoga offers yoga and yoga-fusion based classes. Gratitude’s classes support the entire client spectrum from first time students to experienced yogis. All are welcome! Bring your mat and meet new people in the Chicago community by taking yoga classes at the All About Dance studio located between Old Town and Lincoln Park! 

yoga sculpt consulting

yoga sculpt consulting



  • scheduled around your personal schedule
  • must attend at least one Gratitude Yoga class 


  • 2-5 people in a group
  • must attend at least one Gratitude Yoga class
    • *discounted rate per yogi


I love everything about Gratitude Yoga and Lisa's teachings. Undoubtably, yoga sculpt consulting was beneficial for me. I grew a deeper understanding and appreciation how to combine the mindfulness of yoga with weights and cardio. I came out of every consulting session feeling stronger both mentally and physically. The welcoming atmosphere Lisa provides along with her ability to coach me through the yoga sculpt sequences was rewarding. I never felt judged from my mistakes, only empowered. Thank you Lisa and Gratitude Yoga!          -Anne