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501 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60610

(630) 803-7157

Welcome to Gratitude Yoga! Gratitude Yoga offers yoga and yoga-fusion based classes. Gratitude’s classes support the entire client spectrum from first time students to experienced yogis. All are welcome! Bring your mat and meet new people in the Chicago community by taking yoga classes at the All About Dance studio located between Old Town and Lincoln Park! 

make your dreams come true

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  • Are you a certified yoga teacher looking for a little more practice with the art of teaching before you take flight as a solo yoga instructor?
  • Are you currently in Yoga Teacher Training and want a little more insight on how to practice all of this        yoga knowledge?
  • Are you already teaching yoga and just want some extra practice in the studio with sequencing, hands on assists and creating a safe and welcoming environment?




"I just got yoga certified...

now what?!"


Just like yoga is a practice, teaching is a practice. We all want to be successful yoga teachers. With that comes practice, practice and more practice. I have been teaching yoga for over seven years now and I still have those 'light bulb' moments combined with an adrenaline rush from new teaching methodologies. One of the coolest things about yoga is there is always something to learn to expand your practice as a teacher.

With YOGA CONSULTING you will have the opportunity to strengthen your areas of weakness without any time constraint. When we attend teacher training workshops we are amongst a lot of other teachers, we are limited to that allotted time and are expected to leave the crash course feeling ready without very little practice at all. I find this counterproductive and very overwhelming. YOGA CONSULTING is designed to fit into your lifestyle and simply enhance your every day life as a yoga teacher.


YOGA CONSULTING will give you the tools to help you...

  • Strengthen your personal teaching voice
  • Design and practice a well prepared yoga sequence and class
  • Apply a multitude of modifications and adjustments for all types of yoga students
  • Practice hands on assists and the use of props
  • Finesse your yoga vocabulary and verbage
  • Create a mindful musical playlist that compliments the flow of the class
  • Attract more yoga students to your class and inspire them to return weekly
  • Feel confident and ready for a yoga audition

I have successfully consulted, coached and trained yoga teachers who were in yoga teacher training or recently received their certification. People always tell me "you're living the dream".  I do believe dreams come true with perseverance and dedication. Thank you for making my dreams come true and I hope to continue to inspire more yoga teachers.