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501 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60610

(630) 803-7157

Welcome to Gratitude Yoga! Gratitude Yoga offers yoga and yoga-fusion based classes. Gratitude’s classes support the entire client spectrum from first time students to experienced yogis. All are welcome! Bring your mat and meet new people in the Chicago community by taking yoga classes at the All About Dance studio located between Old Town and Lincoln Park! 

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corporate yoga

gratitude YOGA offers a corporate yoga program as either a stand-alone employee benefit, or part of an integrated corporate wellness program. Imagine the impact of custom, semi-private yoga classes held in your offices or a nearby facility can have on employee morale and productivity.

interrupt anxiety with gratitude

The corporate world can be extremely stressful mentally and physically. Sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer screen five days a week is not the healthiest lifestyle for anyone. gratitude YOGA offers a Corporate Yoga program personalized to your employees wants and needs. Imagine the impact of custom, semi-private yoga classes held in your offices or a nearby facility can have on employee morale and productivity.

Gratitude Yoga offers: mat yoga classes, chair yoga classes and mindful meditation sessions.

Health is Wealth

It’s as simple as that. When we are healthy, we are better able to face challenges and give our best to whatever endeavor we undertake.

Recent research indicates that companies who offer yoga and a wellness program to their employees reduce their annual health insurance premiums, and thereby improve their bottom line. Workaholics need to find a way to wind down and relax. When your employees are more relaxed and less stressed they are more focused, which ultimately means they do a better job.

Everybody wins!


The benefits of Corporate Yoga Programs 

  • Employees that are happy and full of energy, and as a result, more productive
  • Decline in stress-related sick occurrences
  • Improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task
  • Improves employee alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations
  • Relief of head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion
  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced employee attitude and outlook
  • General well-being in the workplace which reduces employee turnover
  • Creates a motivated work culture

"Friday noon yoga with Lisa is the highlight of my week! It makes the stress of the work-week melt away, and I always find that I return to my desk with a clearer mind and more positive outlook than I had before. Whether it’s the themed playlist, great yoga flow or post-savasana conversation and laughs, there’s always something about our hour with Lisa that makes my day."       -Danielle (Olson Engage)


Zen Den Yoga at Uptake

Working at Uptake is om-mazing! Weekly cardio yoga classes in our new Zen Den keep Uptakers relaxed and focused #lifeatuptake

Posted by Uptake on Friday, October 27, 2017


We all know our time is precious and time is money. Save time, skip the travel and get your workout brought to you at your office. Gratitude Yoga creates your conference room into a peaceful zen space. We can practice desk / chair yoga & meditation or move the table and chairs for a full body stretch. BYOM (bring your own mat) or request gratitude YOGA to supply the mats. We come to you, your workplace, your office! Having yoga in your workplace offers a convenient way for employees to have a balanced life and fit a workout in, without having to leave the office.


Join Our Grateful Clients!

Lisa has accomplished the impossible by quickly turning a hectic work day into a peaceful, welcoming, and lighthearted environment to practice yoga. She brings humor and joy into our Tuesdays, fostering individual expression mixed with playful group and partner poses. Her class is exactly what a beginner like me was looking for, sharing passion for yoga in a positive hour of self-love and forgiveness.
— Tracy (Load Delivered Logistics)
There’s something so special about being able to take a short break from emails and meetings, and go into a downward dog! Since we don’t even have to leave the office for Lisa’s yoga session, it’s so much easier to participate each week. Our weekly yoga has had a very positive effect on my stress level – even when I’m in the midst of a huge project, it helps ground me and give me a reason to pause, breathe and center. Lisa sets the perfect tone with her practice, great tunes and positive attitude. I come back from our yoga sessions more flexible, refreshed and ready to jump back into my work.
— Rachel (Olson Engage)
Corporate Yoga with Lisa is an amazing way to end a stressful work day. She is always willing to tweak the pace to fit what we need, either putting us through our paces with a sweat filled work-out or bringing the calm on with seamless sun salutations. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
— Leigh (Load Delivered Logistics)

BYOM (bring your own mat) or request gratitude YOGA to supply the mats. We come to you, your workplace, your office!

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